"It's about having fun. I don't ask for advice, I just have things I love."

Sophie Mechaly

Who is the ‘PAUL & JOE Women’? She is totally self aware and fuelled by an inner confidence. Women who are brimming with so much determination to enjoy life that they may seem a little hedonistic. She is savvy, stylish, and not afraid to address her needs and desires. Women who have these qualities, and at the same time project charm, passion and compassion.


Sophie Mechaly
Born in Paris, France.
Studied business at the University of Paris and technology at the Institut Français de la Mode (IFM). First gained professional experience under world famous fashion designer Azzedine Alaia.
Joined the prestigious shirt company “LE GARAGE”, which was run by her parents, where she worked on design.
In 1995 she launched “PAUL & JOE” as a menswear company, naming it after her two sons, and the following year , launched her womenswear line.
The designs in her fun filled collection are permeated with a relentless “JOIE DE VIVRE” (the joy of life), garnering PAUL & JOE a well earned reputation as the brand that best expresses today’s Parisian lifestyle. Innovative, original prints are added to her collection every season each with its own distinctive floral motif.
In 2002, PAUL & JOE BEAUTE, a cosmetics line that faithfully encapsulates the brand’s philosophy of ‘fun-loving sophistication’ is launched.
PAUL & JOE BEAUTE features retro modern packaging that projects a unique presence. Every product possess luxurious texture and color that makes each application a pleasure for the skin. There are also limited edition, individually packaged items- ‘ Collection Sparkles’ – that are linked with that particular season’s fashion. All of these PAUL & JOE ideas originated in the rich imagination of Sophie Mechaly.



Cosmetics that convey perfectly the Parisian philosophy of enjoying life

A sheer pleasure to use, to carry around or just to own. PAUL & JOE BEAUTE projects a lifestyle that brims over with a sense of happiness and well-being.


A Beautiful, Radiant Finish.

Impactful yet natural, beautiful radiant finish that is spontaneously intriguing is the look PAUL & JOE is striving for.
Effective quantities of carefully selected, flower-based moisturizing ingredients contained in the products hold moisture in place all day, leaving skin so soft it seems to glow from within. Also, in order to draw out one’s natural skin color at its most radiant and to give that special inner glow, we added generous amounts of our exclusive “SECRET D’OR”- champagne gold frost. It creates the natural luminosity that gives the skin a gentle but sexy luminescence.



The PAUL & JOE packaging is a real pleasure for those who are passionate about tactile, beautiful things. The packaging conjures up a scene of luxury and refinement, ensuring your dressing table convey an air of sophisticated fun and well- being.

* The chrysanthemum that serves as the motif on the packaging was inspired by an antique cushion cover that Sophie found at her favorite Parisian flea market.