MOISTURIZING FOUNDATION PRIMER will be relaunched with an advanced formula. The 20-year-old customer favorite is part of PAUL & JOE’s hugely successful makeup primer series, which has sold one bottle every 20 seconds, or a total of 8.4 million bottles to date around the world.

“Creamy moisture” and healthy glowing “radiance”

Creamy moisture

In order to give skin healthy “luminosity” that looks as if it is glowing from within,
PAUL & JOE focuses on creating deep, delectable moisture. Gentle and sensuous to the touch, our products not only supply ample hydration, but they also contain effective quantities of carefully selected, flower-based moisturizing ingredients that hold that moisture in place all day, leaving it so soft it seems to glow from within.

Three Approaches to Create Moisture-Rich Skin
  • Charge

    Lusciously hydrates skin by way of the moisturzing effects of Orange flower water.

  • Protect

    Protects skin from breakouts with the irritation-blocking effects of White lily extract.

  • Keep

    Retain: Retain moisture in place all day with the emollient properties of Jojoba oil.

A beautiful, radiant finish

In order to draw out one’s natural skin color at its most radiant and to give that special inner glow, we added generous amounts of our exclusive “SECRET D’OR”- champagne gold frost. It creates the natural luminosity that gives the skin a gentle but sexy luminescence.

* SECRET D’OR formula <SECRET D’OR = Secret of gold>

Some typical champagne gold frosts that create a sheer, subtle shimmer

By mixing the different types of frost in proportions carefully tailored to each product and color, we created an exquisite harmony of light that brings out the beauty of an individual’s skin color. The sparkle of champagne gold frost blends effortlessly into your skin, maximizing the beauty of your natural skin color and creating a healthy, glowing complexion.

Paul & Joe bestselling primers

Paul & Joe bestselling primers offers two key benefits:
providing your skin with dewy hydration and delivering a beautiful, radiant finish for a flawless makeup application.
There are three variations of the primer to suit every skin type. See the chart below and find the primer that’s perfect for YOUR skin!

Primer Lineup