Le Vacance

Breathe in the fresh air and
Return to your most beautiful self

It’s time to go on a vacance

Take in the benefits of
the Mediterranean
And discover a more calm and relaxed skin

See a positive change in your
Mind, body, and soul with
Paul & Joe Skin Care

Elect premium beauty ingredients from Mediterranean

【Key Ingredient】
Ancient Olive Tree Olive Oil

All of the skin care products in the lineup contains only the finest ancient olive tree olive oil. The oil is packed with immune-boosting, antioxidant ingredients such as polyphenol, oleic acid, and vitamin E.
They deliver glowing results, so your skin is supple, hydrated, and youthful.

Story of OLIVE

Oil Extracted From Ancient Olive Trees.

Feel the miraculous effects of olive oil from ancient olive trees.

Used for a wide range of purposes from nutrition, beauty, and even worship,
olive oil has been an indispensable part of life throughout the ages for people in the Mediterranean region. Paul & Joe realized this and sought olive oil from trees that are over a hundred years old.

Even in the dry climate of the Mediterranean, these deeply rooted ancient olive trees have survived & even flourished for centuries by storing nutrients within their fruits. Ancient olive trees are a testament to the miraculous forces of life itself!

The oil extracted from these olive trees can be found in all of Paul & Joe’s skin care items. The trees are from CAZZETTA located in Salento, Puglia at the southern end of the Italian Peninsula’s sub-peninsula. Only the finest quality olives are hand picked, and oil is extracted within 24 hours of harvest to produce high quality olive oil.

At Paul & Joe we were deeply inspired by the remarkable vitality of the ancient olive trees and are proud to present to you the miraculous effects of olive oil to your skin.

How to use

Recommended Use

Recommended Use
for Spring / Summer

  • STEP1


    This gel-like formula thoroughly removes makeup & impurities while pampering your skin with rich, abundant moisture.

  • STEP2


    Gently pat, pat into the skin after cleansing!
    Impart exquisite luster, supple firmness and elasticity with The Oil.

  • STEP3


    A refreshing and cool respite from the summer heat.
    A lotion that refines and tones the skin.


    Rich moisture replenishes the skin, imparting a soft, firm and clear appearance.

Recommended Use
for Autumn / Winter

  • STEP1
    The perfect way to begin & end your day – a relaxing massage that gently cleanses away dirt & impurities.
  • STEP2
    Experience the distinctive difference with premium oil derived from ancient, centuries-old olive trees renowned for it’s unsurpassed ability to bestow skin with a renewed vitality & healthy glow!
  • STEP3
    A lavish & luxuriously rich lotion to caress the skin and deliver maximum moisture to the complexion.
Special care
A meltingly soft balm for supple eyelids replete with plumpness, elasticity, firmness and brightness.


Arrangement of Oil Care

  • Relax & rejuvenate while cleansing both
    your face
    - and your mind!
    Apply oil to your face with cotton pad then gently massage for 3 - 5 minutes.
  • Mille-feuille - Layering Oil & Moisture
    After suggested application, apply a liberal amount on skin & cover to keep moisture in.
  • Tender Loving Care
    Apply extra oil with cotton pad to areas of concern such as nostril, chin, pores, or rough patches of skin to improve the texture & witness instant moisturizing results!